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Los Angeles Bail Bonds

TLA Bail Bonds Los Angeles specializes in Los Angeles County Bail Bonds of all types and have almost 30 years experience in the California bail bond industry. Our Los Angeles County Bail Bonds Agents provide courteous, professional, and most importantly, FAST service in your time of need. When you need a Los Angeles County Bail Bondsman let JTLA Bail Bonds in Los Angeles help provide guidance and relieve your stress. Call us today, we can help you get the answers you need.

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Felony or Misdemeanor Arrests?

handscuffedJTLA Bail Bonds Los Angeles has extensive experience in processing Felony Bail Bonds and Misdemeanor Bail Bonds. In fact our Los Angeles Bail Bonds agents often post multiple bonds at Los Angeles County jails for a single individual who’s been arrested on more than one offense. With our years of experience, no situation is a surprise to us. Read More →

Traffic-DWI-DUI Arrests?

booze Has your friend or loved one been arrested for traffic warrants, excessive speed, DWI or DUI? We cover those! JTLA Bail Bonds in Los Angeles can assist you with your traffic related Los Angeles County Bail Bonds. Don’t just sit in jail – call us! Have an outstanding warrant? We can help with that too! Read More →

Payment Options

Los Angeles Bail Bonds Financing JTLA Bail Bonds Los Angeles has several payment options – including Instant Credit for bonds – that can help get your loved one out and back to you as soon as possible. Ask us about our Los Angeles Bail Bonds financing. Read More →

Instant Credit

We’re available and ready 24 HRS a day, so call us for all of your bail bond needs.

      • Easy Payment Plans
      • No Credit Check
      • FREE Notary Service
      • City, County & State Bonds
      • Free Warrant and Bail Information
      • Walk-Thru Bonds
      • All Los Angeles Bail Bonds
      • Minutes from Los Angeles County Jail

Need Los Angeles Bail Bonds Financing?

At JTLA Bail Bonds, we know cash for Los Angeles Bail Bonds becomes a major issue for family members and friends who are trying to come up with bail money for a loved one. We work with families every day to find the best and most cost effective solutions to get their loved one out of jail. We offer affordable Los Angeles Bail Bonds with easy financing and no credit check. We often post bail bonds with no collateral. Many of our bonds qualify for instant approval.

Our Los Angeles Bail Bonds Agents Are True Professionals

Finding the right Los Angeles Bail Bondsman is important. During the bonding process, JTLA Bail Bonds provides more than just a bail bond to our clients. We provide peace of mind – with our expert bondsmen on staff 24/7, we are able to provide prompt, courteous service. Our agents will treat you with the upmost respect, and we will process your bonds with complete confidentiality. Customer service is our best selling point. We won’t waste your time with a lot of idle chatter. We get you in and out so you can be on your way. Here at JTLA Bail Bonds we have established a solid reputation of trust, with no gimmicks or hidden fees. We strive to help families in their time of need.

Our Bail Bonds Los Angeles Agents Are Ready To Help

So whether you need Los Angeles Bail Bonds or bail bonds throughout the state or nation-wide, we are here to help. Our business values are no different from our family values; we will treat you exactly the way we want to be treated.

We Will Walk You Through The Los Angeles Bail Bonds Process

We will take the time to walk you through the entire Los Angeles Bail Bonds process. We will explain all the details, and answer any questions you may have. We’ll explain what you can expect when you co-sign for Los Angeles Bail Bonds, and we’ll go over our processing times (which are some of the shortest in Los Angeles, CA).

Our Los Angeles County Bail Bonds Agents Get Things DONE!

Did you call another Los Angeles County Bail Bonds company first? Did you go to a different company, complete their paperwork, pay the bond fee and hours later they STILL haven’t posted the bond? Did they wait until you called back to ask why your friend or loved one is still in jail, even though it’s be 6 or 7 hours since you paid for your Los Angeles County Bail Bonds – only to be told that you needed another co-signer? Does any of this sound familiar? We may still be able to help! Let us re-process your bond. If we give you approval, then we can post your Los Angeles Bail Bonds within minutes, not hours! Call us today! We’ll take it from here.

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